Map ensures communities across Illinois receive equal representation in Washington

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Senate approved a new map of congressional boundaries that will ensure communities across Illinois receive fair and equal representation in Washington.

The boundaries are designed to comply with federal and state law and incorporate suggestions gathered during several public hearings, including the creation of a new district designed to give the state’s growing Latino population greater say at the ballot box.

“I want to thank those who participated in our hearings for their constructive input. This is a fairer map for it,” said Senate President Don Harmon, who sponsored the map legislation. “This map reflects the wonderful diversity of the people of the great state of Illinois.”

Population shifts over the last decade meant the number of residents in previous congressional districts were unbalanced, with major population differences from one district to another. In addition, the loss of a congressional district meant that each district also had to incorporate approximately 50,000 additional people. This map creates districts with nearly identical population counts in each district so that every community in Illinois has an equal say in Congress.

The proposed boundaries can be viewed at The measure now heads to the House for approval.

Under the leadership of Senate Democrats, this year’s redistricting process focused on gathering as much public input as possible, allowing for the diversity of Illinois to be reflected at every level of government. In addition to gathering feedback during public hearings, Democrats established the state’s first online map making portal so residents could draw and submit proposed boundaries for lawmakers to consider. Proposed maps drafted using other methods were also accepted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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